What Is The Best Facing For A House In Period 9?

If you ask any feng shui practitioner what would be the best facing for period 9, almost all of them would probably answer with it depends.

And rightly so.

This is because in the context of such a question, the assumption is that the asker is a homeowner who wants to benefit from good feng shui. And the answer to this eternal question is not a matter of what direction his or her residence is facing.

It also heavily depends on the floorplan, interiors, and external land forms, etc.

There is also the small matter of which feng shui school of thought is being applied. However, when we say period 9, the context is most probably flying stars feng shui as the periods is a fundamental law of Xuan Kong feng shui. read more


The 9 Star Combinations Of Period 9 Natal Charts

Period 9 is a rather unique period in that it’s natal charts for flying stars are only made up of 9 possible star combinations out of the total of 81.

And since there are 9 palaces within a bagua map, it means that all these 9 star combinations will be present in every period 9 property, whether it is a residence or commercial space.

And amusingly, all these combinations add up to the number 9.

The star combinations are namely:

1-8; 8-1; 2-7; 7-2; 3-6; 6-3; 4-5; 5-4; 9-9

The limited number of star combinations that can be generated also implies that it is less cumbersome to analyze period 9 homes compared to other periods. read more


What Attributes Does Period 9 Energy Bring About?

Period 9 is associated with the purple star 9 and the south direction as observed on the Luo Shu squares diagram.

This means that it is also a representation of the Li Gua (離卦) among the 8 trigrams.

The implications of this major shift in energy implies that the 20 years from 2024 to 2043 would herald a time period dominated by fame, celebrations, beauty, adult women, progress, passion, spirituality, etc.

Fire-related industries would thrive. Examples of such industries include aviation, restaurants, electronics, energy, etc. read more


When Exactly Does Feng Shui Period 9 Start?

When there are discussions of period 9 in feng shui, most (if not all) people are referring to period 9 in Xuan Kong flying stars feng shui.

It officially starts in 2024. More specifically, it would take root on 4th February 2024 at 1637 hours.

But despite this piece of clear information, there are certain schools of thought that challenges this concept or have their own views for when period 9 starts.

For example, Xuan Kong Liu Fa (玄空六法), like Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦), has a different set of rules that governs the periods. And according to it’s ideas, period 9 has already started way back in 2017. read more